Friday, January 28, 2011

You know when you know

How often over the years have you gone against Gut feeling , Intuition, "A feeling" , whether changing jobs, locations or matters of the heart.

I have not heard of too many success stories. In fact I haven't heard of one. That's the way the universe works. Intuition is a powerful thing. It just took me many years for this to actually hit me.Matters of the heart as with changing jobs are no different.You marry or partner up because you have great gut feeling, but you also know within the first few minutes of a meeting, through intuition, a feeling if it's not for you. The person may be incredibly good looking, wealthy, have an interesting personality, that's all very good, but you cannot fight the gut feeling no matter what others tell you. That's life.Ahh, those interesting dates you went on .

If only you had at your disposal an ejector seat. Could have saved a lot of time and money. And yes it works both ways, takes two to tango.

You know when you know.
Why I bring this topic up?

A very talented well respected General Manager from one of the major 5 star brands was approached by the owners to come back to manage a previous 5 star world class property he was GM at .Since he left, it had gone down hill a tad. The owners threw money at him and offered excellent benefits and conditions. They really went out of their way to woo him back.Many of his colleagues told him it's a great position, wonderful hotel, great location, well respected owners and the money was exceptional, and he should feel honoured to be asked back.

So when I was asked what I thought, I had a query , a simple question ;"How did you feel when you walked back in the lobby?" His comment was "I feel as if I am going backwards, I've been here before, It's time to move on, move forward". And he couldn't shake this feeling. No amount of money was going to change this. Did he take the position? No. Were the owners annoyed? Yes, of course they were.However, he made the right decision based on gut feeling and is doing very well in an Owners Rep/ Asset Management role which he is excelling in.Nothing is different when looking for a new position or not looking. You will know when it is time to move, and only you, not your partner, not your work colleagues, not the recruiter, just you...

We all have egos and its nice being contacted by Head Hunters/Recruiters but only look if the feeling is there that it is time to move on. You will know when you know.Recruiters yes can be very persuasive. Some are solely motivated by commission, some by a genuine feeling the position and company is meant for you, some with a genuine interest in your career aspirations and some just want to put a warm body in a position.Asking Recruiters / Head Hunters "What's the market like out there? "Well the market will always be there for quality. The market is neither up nor down, sideways or inside out, it just is.

As Basil Fawlty says : There it is Madam, it's between the sea and the sky, and it's called Torquay! "The "market" is not going to pass you by. It will always be there. There is no testing the market for your worth. Test it on your own time, but not with a recruiter and not with hotel groups.If you are not genuinely looking (Tyre Kicking) don't look, as it will come back to bite you on the toosh with recruiters, and more importantly, clients/hotel operators . The industry is a small place and people talk. We all talk, we're human. There is no "Lets have a chat with the client" You are either genuinely going for the position or not. There is no middle ground.

As clients usually get back to the recruiter and ask :"What the heck was that all about?" or words to that effect.There is no "Call me when something really, really good comes up" If something really, really good comes up, I'll call someone really, really good, Ouchhhh !!

I'll explain : A gentleman was looking for the perfect wife, when he found her; unfortunately she was looking for the perfect husband.If you are not really looking but comment:"If it is an offer too good to refuse I may be interested" be wary of owners offering gold and Mir , if it's an offer too good to be true, it usually is.Location is another.........

You know when you know.
A location or locations I like to work and live may be very well not your cup of tea.So if your gut feeling is, I really don't like the location, don't know why, I just don't, then inform the recruiter or client exactly where you want to be not the other way around.I love Japan, but it ain't for everyone.

I'm not keen on Beijing, but many are. Some like cold , some like hot, some like large CBD's and some not. It seems simple enough but still recruiters will get calls from candidates stating they have made the wrong decision on location which is mainly due to a promotion or money , neither if, in the wrong location will make you happy or overly productive.DO NOT be pressured by Recruiters; don't get taken away by the ego of being called regularly. Recruiters/Head-Hunters will call around, that's their job.

Don't worry about upsetting/annoying us, we'll get over it. Just be up front.Move because you want to move not because we want you to move or would like you to move.So once you know it is time to move, take a breather, work out where you really want to be, what position you really want, what companies you really want to work for, throw your ego out the door for a few minutes and then start to look.As a Recruiter I now ask:

Are you genuinely looking?
Would you take a counter offer?
Where are you looking?
Position Sort?
Companies sort?
Salary sort?
Oh........ And before you do all this do, discuss all this with your partner. Not doing this, is at your peril :

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I have been working in many corporate positions and it was true, everything we wanted will never be the same as time passing by. keep on moving to fine tune the life.

    Mr. Gabriel Chiam
    Corporate Finance Director
    Temasek Holding Pte Ltd